Saturday, March 01, 2014

End of Ophthalmology Posting

Yesterday (28/2/14) was the last day of our specialised posting. Gotta get ready for our end of block exam starting Monday, 10/3/14.
Ophthalmology exam in Wet Lab, IIUM Eye Clinic, Level 4 IMC

This is food from Oman, Adil and Muath gave us! It's really sweet!

The zoomed in selfie :D

Now the girls :)

Our last time being in a group together

With Adil and Muath from Oman. Hehe.

One more. One more. ;)

The amazing doctors and staffs of IIUM Opthalmology department.

I have told you about the e-logbook that we medical students have to do as a part of the continuous assessment in Opthalmology before.

Wanna see mine?

Here's the link : 

That would make up the time I have not written on here, right? 

Righhht? ;)

Now you have a good GOOD dayyy!!! :D

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