Monday, March 17, 2014

Musang King Durian!

If you are driving on Karak Highway, stop by the road side and have your Durian! :D

Musang King is the famous (and expensive) type of Durian. The flesh is sweet and has nice, bright yellow colour.
The price may reach up to RM40 per kilogram!
The one we ate was of the mixed type, RM25 per kilogram.

My Dad trying to have a look inside

The kind uncle let we taste first. If we like it, then we can take it. If not, he will open up another Durian.

My Mom waiting. Where's my Duriannn? :D
(My Mom would have scolded me if she knew that I post this photo online, hahaha)

Ok almost done. Weigh them first okayy.

Whoaaaaahhh! :D

(My Dad really loves Durian. I am just okay with the fruit. I like Strawberries more than Durian though. Or watermelon. Or rambutan. Or...okay you get the point hehe)

Look at thattt! :O

We tapau some to be brought back to Kuantan

The uncle was very nice - he gave us some for free!
Because the Durians were not very good, so he didnt want to serve them to customers.
He told us to make bubur durian. Okay uncle! :D

Very friendly uncle!

He gave us THREE containers of free durian! :D

Here is the location of his stall. Do pay a visit some time!

Or give him a call. His name is Keong. Uncle Keong! :D
Along the highway, there are other 2 or 3 more durian stalls. You can choose which one you want.

Durian Durian Durian! :D

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