Thursday, March 06, 2014

Quick Catch Up

1. Just a quick update for you!
Starting with this cute little fella! :D

We met this guy in the pet clinic few weeks ago

I knoww...AWWWW Rightttt? :D


Persian cat why are you so cute!

2. Next topic : Baik is getting ready to give birth! She is searching for a place inside our house!!
Can't wait!!! Panggil bidan cepatttt!!!

3. Belang jumped on the cupboard and he couldnt get down!
Ape la kamu ni Belang, pandai panjat tapi tak pandai turunnnn =..=''

4. I took part in a Final Year Project (FYP) by a friend of mine, Zuhaiza the Audiology student. 
Got free hearing tests (PTA, Tympanometry) and free gift! :D 

5. We attended CPR Workshop few days ago at Anaesthesiology department, Level 5 IMC IIUM Kuantan Campus. 

The guide book, file, name tag and face sheet for CPR

The manikins

This is the picture of the practical exam (yeaa we had to sit for exam!)

Scary, right?
We had to perform CPR and Choking maneuver - for infants and adults in front of the examiner (our lecturer)

If you pass both Theory and Practical exam - you get a certificate!! :D
Valid for 2 years only.
All of us passed the practical exam, only a few failed in Theory. They retook the exam the next day and passed! :D

6. Etc etc etc (hehehe)
Go easy on yourself okayy

Salah, Sadaqah, Fajr, Quran, Goals, Faith, Dua'

Hahahhaha true that!!

Yes I have!!!! :'(

There's the spirit :)

7. Have you heard the catchy song remake of Rasulullah by 6ixth sense? I love it :)
Allahumma solli ala sayyidina muhammad...

Now you have a WONDERFUL day okayy!

Don't forget to read BOOKS! :D

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