Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sunrise at Bukit Panorama (Panorama Hill) :D

Go hiking Go hiking YAY! Thanks to my dear friend, Wani Naslan - now I have less things to cross in my checklist :)

Now here is a summary on our journey to Bukit Panorama early this morning. Initially there were 6 of us altogether who agreed to join the 'expedition', however only my friend and I were left to continue with the plan. As sad as that sounds, we did have a memorable time together! :D

I stopped by IIUM to get Wani from Mahallah. We departed at 530am and reached Sungai Lembing at 600am. If you wanna know the direction to go there: here's the link

Actually it is fairly easy to get there. From IIUM, go into the highway and follow signboard to Sungai Lembing.

We prayed Subuh at this mosque first - right side of the road (if you come from Kuantan)

Masjid Jamek Sungai Lembing

Then go straight until you see a left turn having this small sign. Turn left.

Go straight until you see the school on your right side. You will see the entrance. Park you car there and start climbing the stairs.

It was dark and scary (bring your torchlight!)

There! We reached the top after 25 minutes of climbing! The stairs were steep and manyyyy!

Walk forward...

Tah-daa! Can you see? Oh you can't see, can you?

There. Nice isnt it? :D 

Selfie selfie selfie lol

The uncle who reached the top after us. His family came later.

Yayyy! So glad we are here!!

The trees

Waiting for the sun to rise


Pretty sun! :D


Selfie? Hahahhaha

Amazing view!

A picture here, please :)

And here :)

Now let's go back home! It was 745am by the time we started to get down.

Come onnn!

Wait last one last one, hehehe

One more ;) Love this photo!

Wanna give it a go? ;)

I think I am done! Not gonna do it for the second time! So tiringgg! Hahahaha

The place where we had Nasi Lemak for breakfast. UMNO office upstairs, yeaa we noticed that =..=''

At 845am - we went back home!

Tak nak jumpa lagi boleh tak? Hehehehe

We reached IIUM roughly at 920am. We had good fun today! Wonderful memories made :)

Hope not to do it again soon though. Hahahaha

And youuu - have a good adventure! Byebyee!!

ps. Other stuff to do in Sungai Lembing -


  1. sis pegi w/o guide ke?

    1. Haah takde guide. Panjat sendiri je :)

  2. Any tips untuk naik bukit panorama tak?

    1. Better pakai sports shoes.. kalau pergi sebelum subuh, jangan lupa bawa torchlight. Kena prepare mental and fizikal untuk naik hehe. Bawa juga air kosong and energy bar (eg. mars, snickers). Nak buat piknik kat puncak tu pun boleh :D

  3. assalamualaikum..nak tanya..jalan masuk ke sana tu sesuai utk semua jenis transport ke?

    1. Waalaikumsalam. Yup kereta and motor boleh lalu jalan tu... jalan dia jalan tar biasa je, bukan berbukit bukau pun..

  4. Pukul brp awak naik tu. Nk tgk sunrise jugak😋

  5. Tiada bayaran untuk mendaki eh?