Sunday, March 23, 2014

The House is Almost Ready! :D

It's really late, so I'll make this quick okay! :)

This is our house, still in renovation

Side view

Wet kitchen

Dry kitchen

Do I glow? Hahaha

Upstairs :)

Those four rooms

My room still havent finished yet

The front door and main living room

Prayer room on the right

Looking inside

The garage outside 

It's a mess!

Let's go upstairs!

Bibik mopping - yeahh I should go help I knoww, hehe

Help taking photo can? ;)

My turn my turn :D

Now the other balcony...

Can see the school from here

Hehehehe :)

Ohhh careful!

Looking outside - my parents at the garage area


Through and through

We don't have garden anymore.. :(

Can't wait to move into new house!

Anyway, almost 3am now. Have to sleep early (early?), tomorrow I have a wedding to attend in Raub!

You have a good dayyy! Byebyee! :D

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