Saturday, April 26, 2014

Big Day Tomorrow (Today!)

Done preparing some stuff for our health promotion day tomorrow (today! its past 2am Saturday now). I should have slept early tonight! Ah what the heck. I'll have coffee tomorrowww =..=''

Name tags and some other stuff

Do you know Google changes the homepage on our birthday? See that!
Yeahh Happy 24th birthday to me!!
I am 24 on 24/4/14. How sweet those numbers are? :)

Anyway, gotta finish some more Lit Review for our Research Proposal and then I'm off to bed.

You go to sleepp like right now!!! :D


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Your Own Photo on the Stamp!

It's quite an easy process if you wanna make your own stamp. First, get this form and fill it in.
You can get it from the post office, or download from Pos Malaysia website
This is mine.
Then, submit the form to the officer in the post office. You can give your photos (that you want to appear on the stamp) in a CD, or a pen drive. I gave my hard disk to the officer, and he transferred my photos into his computer. Make sure you give him your phone number. When your stamp finishes, he will call you. Mine was ready in 2 hours time. Then you will get this:

Their plastic bag!
Ohhhhhh :D Open it Open ittt :D
Tah-daaaaaa!!! :D :D :D 
Now I can send postcards with my OWN stamp!
Okay enough excitement for tonight. Hahaha

Need to do some work. You have a good dayyy!! :D

Monday, April 21, 2014

After the Break

Yeah, I had my break from writing for a while. Need to take care of some work.

Public health posting is at times, tiring. You have to do group research (collect data, do write-up, present), as well as do other things like Seminars (either Occupational Health or Environmental Health) and Critical Appraisal (you have to find a good article on the internet and appraise it, present it). You have to plan for a Health Promotion day too. Ours is gonna be this Saturday from 8am till 12pm at SM Vokasional Kg. Padang.

Here. Our banner:

1150pm : Still preparing my slides for Occupational Health Seminar on Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorder this Wednesday - while listening to 

Yeah, last minute work is no fun at all.

Coffee I need COFFEEE!!! =..=''

Go tell him I don't want to talk with any one but him

I adore his laugh, how I love him, and please ask him about his news
Is he still missing me and dreaming about me 
Or he gets even a tiny thought about me even undeliberately

Pass my greeting to him, go and this is the address
Check if he is sad or if his heart is with love with someone else

Pass my greeting to him please :)

Awwwww ;)

YOU have a good day! :D

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Family Day in Pantai Balok

We attended Family Day Kg. Chengal Lempong at De Rhu Beach Resort, Balok on Saturday morning.

Right turn to De Rhu Beach Resort!

The beach

An uncle and his son

With my sister and her friend

Walking in the morning

The rocks far away


Now back to the resort!

The field


Many fun activities for kids and adults

Pop the Balloon! Ahhhhh

Filling in the bottle with water by using sponge

Adlin and her friends :D 

Activities for men

For women ;)

Ahhhhhh careful!

Heavy, hehehe

Tarik Tali!

Bubbles! :D

So fun!

It's my sister, Adlin


The pool at the resort!

You have a wonderful dayy! Take care!

Going Places in Kuantan Part 2

This place is just a minute away from my house!

Choosing our batik canvas

Let's start colouring batik! :D

My finished work - a butterfly!

Our work!

Later that day, we collected our batik

The colour had faded, sadly. But still, it's a fun family activity!

To Pantai Batu Hitam!

Why is this beach called Batu Hitam? 

Because there are black rocks everywhere!

Kites Kites Kites! :D

People fishing

Collecting beautiful seashells

Prettyy :O


Who says there is no paddy field in Kuantan?

There is one in Kampung Padang!

Surveying the area to estimate sample size for our research

Speaking of Public Health posting, tomorrow we are going to Jerantut as part of the studying purpose - to see how polyclinic and district hospital work, the organisation etc. We will stay there until next Friday.

Timetable for Week 2

In this posting, we are required to carry out a group research. Wanna know what is our chosen topic? 

'Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) on Contraception Use and Sexual Health among Malay Women in Kampung Padang'.

Let's see how it goes.