Monday, April 21, 2014

After the Break

Yeah, I had my break from writing for a while. Need to take care of some work.

Public health posting is at times, tiring. You have to do group research (collect data, do write-up, present), as well as do other things like Seminars (either Occupational Health or Environmental Health) and Critical Appraisal (you have to find a good article on the internet and appraise it, present it). You have to plan for a Health Promotion day too. Ours is gonna be this Saturday from 8am till 12pm at SM Vokasional Kg. Padang.

Here. Our banner:

1150pm : Still preparing my slides for Occupational Health Seminar on Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorder this Wednesday - while listening to 

Yeah, last minute work is no fun at all.

Coffee I need COFFEEE!!! =..=''

Go tell him I don't want to talk with any one but him

I adore his laugh, how I love him, and please ask him about his news
Is he still missing me and dreaming about me 
Or he gets even a tiny thought about me even undeliberately

Pass my greeting to him, go and this is the address
Check if he is sad or if his heart is with love with someone else

Pass my greeting to him please :)

Awwwww ;)

YOU have a good day! :D

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