Thursday, April 24, 2014

Your Own Photo on the Stamp!

It's quite an easy process if you wanna make your own stamp. First, get this form and fill it in.
You can get it from the post office, or download from Pos Malaysia website
This is mine.
Then, submit the form to the officer in the post office. You can give your photos (that you want to appear on the stamp) in a CD, or a pen drive. I gave my hard disk to the officer, and he transferred my photos into his computer. Make sure you give him your phone number. When your stamp finishes, he will call you. Mine was ready in 2 hours time. Then you will get this:

Their plastic bag!
Ohhhhhh :D Open it Open ittt :D
Tah-daaaaaa!!! :D :D :D 
Now I can send postcards with my OWN stamp!
Okay enough excitement for tonight. Hahaha

Need to do some work. You have a good dayyy!! :D


  1. As salam Admin & rakan-rakan yang dihormati,

    Terima kasih di atas promosi ini. Kami amat hargainya.

    SetemKu juga boleh ditempah (walk-in) di 25 cawangan Pos terpilih di seluruh negara & juga di stamp gallery (Pos Malaysia HQ) & anda akan dapat tempahan anda on-the-spot.

    Produk ini juga ditawarkan di iaitu tempahan secara on line.

    Sebarang pertanyaan, boleh hubungi kami melalui e-mel / atau telefon 03-22672002./ 2001 / 2000 (D/L).

    Yang benar,

    Moza | Sales & Marketing (SetemKu), Online Services & Creative
    Stamp & Philately Unit, Pos Niaga
    Pos Malaysia HQ
    03-22672002 |