Friday, May 23, 2014

How to know if you are blocked on WhatsApp?

How to block someone on WhatsApp is easy peasy. 

But how can you tell if someone is blocking YOU?

It's easy too! Here's an experiment that I did using my phone, and my Mom's.

Number 1 : When you block someone, you cant send him/her a message.

Obviously. The point of blocking someone is to avoid texting him/her.

Number 2 : When you block someone, that someone will NOT be able to see your online status. Or your 'Last seen at...'

Number 3 : Your display picture on the other person's phone will not appear to be your current picture.

Number 4 : The other person will NOT be able to send you messages. There will be only one tick, rather than two ticks. Means that you don't receive the messages.

See? No online status or last seen at..
Not current display picture.
Only one tick.
Number 5 : You will not receive his/her messages until you unblock them. 


Number 6 : Then tadaaa! You can see the online status and current display picture now!

Note that the last message still was not sent across

You get the last message, but not the first one

So now you can identify who is blocking you from their WhatsApp contacts and put them into your blacklists. Especially ones who dont even bother to tell you the reason why they are blocking you. 

You dont have to be mad, but feel sad for them. Because maybe, they had a bad childhood and were not taught to be polite to others when they were young.


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