Monday, June 30, 2014

My Best Friend's Engagement

Hello Hello Hello! It's been a while that I haven't written on here. The internet at my house was a bit crazy for the last few weeks. And plus, I was preoccupied with some stuff - and trips. Hehehe

Now let me tell you about my high school best friend's engagement party that I attended early this month. This is so last season I know. Anyway, enjoy the photos! :D

Pinky gurl :P

Her mother-in-law put on the engagement ring

Kissing hands - amik berkattt hehee


Relatives of her fiance

With her parents and in-laws

The couple. Awww ;)

Her fiance gave her these! Make-ups, Holy Quran, Chocolates, Fruits, Wedding dress and a pair of Wedges!

She returned the gifts with Shoes, Cake, Chocolates, Fruits etc

Oh yeah. Us with the bride-to-be ;)

So sweet! My two high school best friends are already in a relationship, Hana is happily married with Samier and this Izzatul here is going to be married next year! Oh. And another one of my BFF is going to be married this July/August! Her name is 'Ayunni ;) 

This is my cousin's son. Sooooo CUTE! Ahhhhhh

Okayy enough for now. I'll write more when I have the time.

Ramadan Mubarak, guys! :D