Sunday, July 06, 2014

FLORIA Putrajaya Part 1

FLORIA Putrajaya was held from 14-22 June 2014. It was a Festival of Flowers! We went there and it was beautiful, but we did not manage to go to all places as it was huge! And more, the weather was really hot in the noon. Enjoy these photos! :D

The website

My Dad had work to do at another place at that time, so we went to Putrajaya using train! :D

My sister who just entered UIA Gombak (CFS First Year student), studying Econs.

KLIA Transit to Putrajaya! Do I look like my Mom or not? Hehehe

Tiring journey, eh? ;)

Guess where are we now?

Yeaah! We have arrived at our destination!

Flowers, Flowers everywhere

Ahh so prettyyy :D

Hanging Garden sounds awesome, right? We did not enter the garden though

We went here instead!

Oh yeahhhhh!!! :D

Calling all cat lovers!

Ahh so CUTE!

Bengals! :O

Whatcha lookin' at yo?

How can you RESIST looking at a baby with a cat?! Ahhhh geram betul rasa nak cubit2 je!

Unique one

Soft kitty, Warm kitty, Little ball of fur....

Awwwww :D


More photos in FLORIA Putrajaya Part 2

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