Sunday, July 06, 2014

FLORIA Putrajaya Part 2

I have to make these photos in Large mode since there are many pictures that I wanna post here. If I choose X-Large, you will have trouble loading this page. Who likes a slow-loading blog post, anyway? I hate that too. Well, unless if you have an excellent, super-fast internet connection, then worry not, my friend.

Okay okay, now get back to them photos! (Oh My English! lol) an outdoor wedding party!! Whoahhh

Who's the bride? ;)


More flowersss

Hot Hot Hot (the weather)

Helloooo chipmuk and hippo!

We are here, y'all! :D


Photo Photo

Okay enough posing :P

My little sister wanted to watch this 6D short movie inside it. It was really cool!


Giant Bubble!! :D


Playing on the field

Look Look!

Waaahhhh!! So BIG!! :O

Whoaaaaaa :O
That was the last photo that I have on FLORIA. As I mentioned earlier, we didnt go to all the places inside the festival. We went back by taxi to go to KLCC. My sister wanted to buy some books in Kinokuniya.

Those cats are not real btw

We are here

After KLCC, we then went to SOGO for shopping. Yummyy Kebabs!

On the very next day, before we went back to Kuantan, we stopped by this Houz Depot in Damansara to buy some stuff

My Mom's stuff, mostly

Oh well, that marks the end of this post :D

Have a good good day, people! :)

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