Saturday, July 05, 2014

Of Trips, Family Day and Pamplet Ramadan

There were quite a number of local trips that I had last month. Here's a brief summary of 'em:

1. CAMERON HIGHLANDS - The most memorable trip ever! ;)

Sungai Palas Boh Plantation :)

2. KEMAMAN - To the place where I was born 

Kemaman Hospital, Terengganu

Bought keropok lekor cap gasing for family

3. KUALA LUMPUR - Jalan jalan cari makan :P 

With my sister, Jehan and her friend, Amalina

First, we went to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Putrajaya

Waiting for my Certificate of Good Conduct. Had to pay RM20 for that.

After that, we went to have lunch in Gangnam Station, Bangi - A Korean Cuisine restaurant.

Saba fish, Beef and Squids. Ahh so good, I am hungry now lol

After lunch, we went back to Putrajaya and watched Maleficent in Alamanda Shopping Mall

A 5-star Disney movie I must say. Loved it!

4. BALOK BEACH - The last Family Day for 14th Batch MBBS, UIA

Smile! :D

And the last one.....RAMADAN PAMPHLETE that I made for Islah League.

These tri-fold pamphletes were given to our non-Muslim lecturers

Questions on Ramadan

This design is for our Malay lecturers

Definition and Benefits of Ramadan

And I get one copy each to keep!! YAYY!! :D

Bye Bye! And have a wonderful dayy!! :D

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