Saturday, July 05, 2014

Visit to Rehab Centre & EBE Y4B3 Result

In Family Medicine posting, we also visited Rehabilitation Centre in Temerloh.

Temerloh River :)

In Hospital Temerloh, we learned about relaxation therapy, played brain games and...

..some of us get to cook with the patients!

Group photo is a must! Hehe

Then we went to KK Temerloh to see the PSR (Psychosocial Rehab) program there

By the roadside

The patients have their own garden where they planted vegetables and sold them to the market
Working in a primary centre as in Klinik Kesihatan doesnt look so bad. You don't have to do on-call, and the working hours is only from 800am till 500pm. If there is no patient in the evening, then you can go back early. Not too bad, eh? But if you ask me, I prefer to work in a hospital than in KK though :) 

Useful chart in KK Bukit Goh

How to manage missed combined oral contraceptive pills?

One of the asthma inhalers available in KK 

Routine medication for pregnant women : Ferrous Fumarate, Folic Acid, Vitamin C and B Complex 

The 8 MDG we must know
Oh yeah.Our End Posting Exam Result for Community Medicine and Family Medicine is out.

Community Medicine : Only 2/10 marks for Data Picture Test 2 =..=''

Family Medicine : Alhamdullilah pass!

Now put the results back into the portfolio - End of Fourth Year! :D

Have a good day, people! :)

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