Friday, August 29, 2014

Welcome home!! :D

I have safely arrived in my beloved country! 

A country like no other - oh how I miss you Malaysia!! :D

My parents came to pick me up at KLIA on the 27th, around 6pm
We had dinner and then went straight to Kuantan - arrived at my house at 12am

Still having trouble adjusting to the time here, its 1:40 am and I am wide awake
Oh well, probably because of the coffee! Lol
I slept too much! Arghh. Wake up and do some work, will ya!!

Elective posting ends - now its time to focus on studying!
I am officially a Fifth Year med student starting 2nd of September 2014 *nervous laugh*

Posting Rotation for Group A : Surgery > Psychiatry > Medical > Paediatric > O&G
And......the final Pro Exam ==> 3 - 8/8/2015!! :O

Why cant we have holidays all year round? I want more holidays!
Quit studying medicine then! Get married to a rich man and be a housewife!
You will have holidays like EVERY DAY! :P

Forgive the nonsense, I am high on caffeine! Hahahaha

So lets finish some work tonight! Yeaahh! Go Go!

Youuu...go do something productive!

See ya next time! :D