Saturday, September 06, 2014

Of Six Weeks in UK :)

This is a summary of the places that I had been to when I did my elective posting for 6 weeks in Manchester. I cannot write about all of them here because it will take a long, looongg time!

Anyway, enjoyy! :D

1. MANCHESTER - where I stayed for 6 weeks

17 Dryden Street - living with my 4 housemates; Chloe, Erma, Athira and Nadzirah

Manchester Arndale shopping mall

Chetham's Library

Manchester Central Library

Albert Square

National Football Museum

Manchester Museum

Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

Comic Con Manchester :D

Carribean Carnival
From left : Erma, Me, Aiman, Chloe, Athira

Spire Hospital, a private hospital where Prof.Ammori worked

Al-Jazeera Charcoal Cuisine, Curry Mile, Rusholme
From left : Me, Dr.Hana, Dr.Sean, Lamees

Old Trafford Stadium

Old Trafford Museum

intu Trafford Centre, a HUGE shopping mall!

2. SALFORD - where the hospital is

Salford Royal Hospital
From left : Ibukun, Lamees, Me

Salford Quay

3. LIVERPOOL - a one-day impromptu trip 

Albert Dock

4. SHEFFIELD - where I started my first solo travel

Town Hall

5. LEEDS - walking aroundd

Thackray Medical Museum

6. YORK - a small, historical city

Yorkshire Museum

7. BIRMINGHAM - England's second largest city

The Statue

8. CARDIFF - welcome to Wales

Doctor Who Experience, it was closed by the time we got there :(

9. GLASGOW - welcome to Scotland

where the Commonwealth Games took place

10. EDINBURGH - the very beautiful city

Edinburgh Castle
With Kak Sara, my sister's friend who was studying Masters in Human Anatomy in University of Edinburgh

11. CAMBRIDGE - backpacking around the city

Cambridge Railway Station

12. OXFORD - impressive architecture

On the tower of St.Mary University Church

13. LONDON - welcome to England

London Eye
With Azeem, who took me sightseeing! :D

14. BATH - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Sally Lunn's Eating House

15. LAKE DISTRICT - my supervisor, Mr.Ahmad Faidzal suggested this place

Lake in Windermere

16. ISTANBUL - the airport

Transit between MAN-KL
Sleepy face hahaha

This is one of my favourite photos:
Prof. Basil Ammori's team. Guess which one is Prof? :D
From back left : Mr. Ahmed (Registrar), Me, Lamees, Ibukun, Specialist Nurse Joe, Dietician Chris
From front left : Dr. Syed (Endocrinologist), Nurse, Prof! :), Mr. Senapati (Surgeon)

And this one:
Eid group photo
From left : Zainol, Allim, Nadzirah, Chloe, Erma, Farah, Me, Athira, Aiman, Aizat
These are all (except Chloe) medical students, my new friends from Mansoura University, Egypt. They did their elective under University of Manchester.

Not to forget:
The ones who helped us getting a place to stay
Afiqah and Nora Amira from University of Manchester

A few more people that I should mention here:

1. Dr. Aisha whom I met in the hospital, did her clinical attachment as well, but finished earlier than me (she taught me a lot!)

2. Erma, the medical student from Liverpool who did her elective with Mr.Akhtar

3. FY2 Dr.Alex, Dr.Josh, FY1 Dr. Anna, SHO Dr. Ana Maria and all other senior doctors like Dr.George, Dr.Chan, Dr. Mustaffa and Dr. Osama

4. Michelle Sopi, who helped me with all the paperworks before I started my posting

5. Gill Hesketh, Prof. Ammori's secretary, who is very organised and efficient :)

The letter of completion

It was a great experience, to learn from Prof. Ammori. He is a great surgeon, and a wonderful teacher.



  1. This is sooooo amazingggg!! Baca pun dah excited.. ni pulak you yourself experienced it!! An eye opener for sure yea.. ;-)

    InsyaAllah.. my turn will come. Pray for mee!! ^_*

  2. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. It's nice to have a snapshot of what England looks like again. The architecture, the foliage, the food in the background of the last picture, even the gloomy lighting in the outdoor shots make me miss it so much.

    A couple questions:
    1) How was the Manchester Central Library?
    2) Did you take the tube to travel?

    Super jealous about the comic con. Also, it's too bad Doctor Who Experience was closed. Hope you had a great time over there.

  3. Dr. Amin - I am sure you will go there some days soon!! Praying for you :)

    Luqman -
    1) Manchester Central Library is big! It has four floors with large collection of books. The reading room is beautiful. They have computers (with free WiFi), cafe, music library (where you can play piano, read music books etc) and much more. In Manchester, they have one other famous library, John Rylands Library but I didnt go there.

    2) Nope! I havent had the chance to take the tram. I used trains to travel from one big city to another eg. from Manchester to Sheffield. In Manchester, I bought a monthly buss pass (System One) that allows me to travel anywhere in Greater Manchester area by any bus. From my place to the hospital, it took me almost an-hour-ride by bus.

    ps. Comic Con was GREAT! ;D I didnt buy anything from there though. We spent most our time taking photos! Haha

  4. Hi Nurul Ain,
    My name is Nour which is very similar to yours :D,
    I am doing a clinical attachment with professor Basil Ammori at the beginning of November and was wondering if you could help me and advise me about a couple of things!

    Waiting for your reply!

    1. Hi Nour! :D

      Wahh so you are going to meet Prof. Ammori soon! Sure sure I would love to help. Drop me an email at, I'll try my best to help!