Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pointless Rants

This evening, my parents and I went to the mall to repair my broken pair of glasses - and to buy a new one. I told my Mom that I can totally buy it myself, because I dont wanna trouble them with driving me to the city, they just arrived home from Terengganu. But oh boy, she really hates my black-rimmed glasses lol

Being a rebel as I always am, I love to test my parents' limits :P Here's the conversation in the car on our way to the city: 

(translated from Malay language)
Me: I can totally go buy my own pair of glasses.
Mom: Ehh no way, I want to see them first before you buy. I dont want you to buy a big one it's ugly.
Dad: See Ain? That shows your Mom doesnt trust you enough to make your own selection. If it were up to me, I don't mind you go by yourself.
Me: *laugh*
Mom: Yes of course, and no more going overseas alone after this, you wore short shirt last time. I dont trust you to go anywhere anymore.
Me: *laugh* (still wanna add fuel to the fire) Mom, look at Dad. He doesnt make a big deal out of it, not like you. He is so cool.
Mom: *look at Dad, as if telling him to respond with the most appropriate reply, and agree with her - because Mom knows best. She always is*
Dad: Me being silent doesnt mean that I agree with what you did. I just follow what your Mom said. I agree with her since she knows best.
Me: *laugh*
Dad: If I too, being all angry at you, and scold you at the same time, then you would be in much more trouble, isn't it?
Me: *laugh*

Oh how much I love my parents. It's amusing to see how they deal with me. Hahahaha.

Between both of them, I can say that my Dad is the cool one. My Dad was not too 'religious' as my Mom was when he was young. He even owned a big motorcycle! He became a better person when he married my Mom. So I think he understands it when his kids do stupid things in life. 

My Mom? She nags us all the time! Hahaha. Sometimes it's tolerable, but sometimes it's a bit too much. You have to do this. You can't do that. You can't wear that. Wear this instead. You are too thin - I'll buy you Herbalife to make you fat!

Heck, I'll find a guy who likes me just the way I am - thin or not. You don't love someone because of looks anyway, it's what inside that matters. Beauty fades, but kindness stays forever. You would want someone who will stay with you forever, through thick or thin - who is not too social or has too many female friends (or ex-es!), because you will be jealous of them some days - who has good taste in music and dont listen to crappy songs with bad lyrics - who has good circle of friends, because your friends reflect who you are as a person - who does not go out and have fun almost every night. You would want a person who thinks about you, and actually cares - not just thinking about himself. Someone who practises religion, not just a Muslim by name. Someone who actually has a strong will to change for the better - not just talking about it.

And please don't bother someone who is already in a relationship. That's not cool. No matter how much you love that person, you just have to keep your distance. Walk away. He already made his choice - it's not you. So move on, girl!

And...oh wait. I think I should stop writing now. Hahahahaha.

You have a good good dayyy!! :D

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