Saturday, September 27, 2014

Random Thoughts

This is how I planned tonight would be like : I will be sitting at my study table in my room, doing homework on Peripheral Vascular Diseases that our lecturer had asked us to do. I am searching TASC Classification on the internet, and writing it down neatly on a piece of A4 paper. I will be browsing the definition of Chronic Limb Ischaemia and Critical Limb Ischaemia. How do you start patient on heparin and warfarin? - would be the exact words I write on Google search. Next, classification of anticoagulants and their mechanism of actions. Pharmacological treatments of varicose veins. I will be looking at my finished work, smiling in satisfaction. You did it, Nurul Ain! Good job!

Instead, this is how it turns out to be like. I am lying on my bed, 45 degree with two pillows on my back, covered with blanket, and laptop on lap. Listening to Lite FM love songs just because and play Remixes that I dont really like. Coffee on the right side table, surgery books on my left. Thinking about a couple of things.

Like how fast time flies. I am now in my final year of medicine. The big exam is coming soon. Next August 2015. Our lecturer gave us pep talk this morning during our class, telling us to work hard and be serious. We should start covering important topics from now on, and think about how important the exam is. Don't think too much about holidays, because after we graduate, we can have our much needed break. Help each other out so that all of us can pass the exam. Unless if we want to extend our studies for another 6 months, then we can play around and study as little as possible. Like 7 years is not enough =..='' I don't wanna re-sit the exam! No one wants thatt :(

As much as I hate don't like medicine, I still wanna see it through till the end, I wanna graduate and get my degree! And only then, I can think of doing something else. Oh yeah, that something else is still on my mind. Some people questioned my decision to take a degree in Multimedia after I graduate. Some said it's a waste of time, you are not gonna make it. You will not have time for that. You will be busy with your life that eventually you will forget about it. Well, I would like to say to all of them - you just wait and see.

Even my parents don't think that I can do it. They don't like me going into a different direction than my Dad's, or my eldest sister's. They think (and I quote) that there is no future in multimedia. A lot of people are already doing it. But being a doctor is special. Not all people can do it. I do agree that being a doctor is a noble profession, you will get rewards for helping people. 

But what if I don't wanna do that? What are you gonna do about it?

The more people say that I cannot do it, the more I feel like doing it.

Yeah, I am that stubborn.

I want to graduate and get my medical degree. I want to visit America. I want to do my housemanship outside Kuantan. I want to study multimedia.

Let's see how far I can go.

Anywayy, this song just came up.

Awww, this is too sweet! :)

I better go read the book now. 

Focus, Nurul Ain.



  1. ain,
    my thought, you will survive both medicine and multimedia successfully.
    make something useful out of both and make the world a better place :)

  2. Asking out of curiosity, why do you want that multimedia degree? (Dun worry. I think I have"Anak doktor syndrome" like you do, so I'm all for people chasing their dreams. I have the crazy notion of abandoning everything and bringing Julia to America and work as a struggling writer)

  3. Thanks kak aji and pendott :)

    Ohh Luqman, if you guys were to live in America, then I can go visit you! Hehehe. Struggling writer sounds challenging, but hey, nothing is impossible right? :D Why do I want the degree? Because I want to do something different, I want to be different. Nothing wrong in being a dreamer. Dream BIG, thats what they say :)

  4. Yes, do come visit our home if we ever do end up there (InsyaAllah).

    Oh I see. I was wondering whether there's a greater goal beyond getting that degree, like becoming a designer or something. There's a lot of free resources online for self learning, especially when it comes to multimedia, so I thought the main reason to get a degree would be to get contacts to join the industry. Anyway, all the best with your dreams.

  5. Luqman - Yes I do have plans, but I kinda wanna keep it to myself for now. When I am a bit closer to achieving that, then I'll tell. Soo many things in mind that I want, hahaha. Awww thank youu, good luck to you guys too! :)