Sunday, October 26, 2014

Behind a Photo

I was going through my photos in Liverpool, and I found this one:

There's a funny story behind it. See that guy on my left? On that day, I saw him in gallery (Tate Liverpool) earlier, taking photos of the art displays with his phone. He looked so cool and I thought, why not follow him for a little while before I went out of the gallery room. So I pretended to take photos and at the same time, keeping an eye on him. Sounds crazy, I know. But hey, I was in a place where no one knows me, so yeahh. I was allowed to be crazy hahaha

He seemed so engrossed in reading the art explanations - maybe he's an art student? That would make him super cool then! And he's tall, with brown (or was it blonde?) hair. Not bad not bad. I was so busy focusing on him - then I realised that I should move ahead, because my friends will be waiting downstairs. I said goodbye to him (in my head! hahaha) and walked along to find the way out. I found a door, but I wasnt sure if it was an exit door or not! I was thinking whether to open the door or not, when that guy (yeah, that guy!) walked pass me and opened the door, asking me if I wanted to go in.

I was like, ohmaigawwdd he's talkingg to meee!! Okay okay, not that excited. Well, a bit happy. Just a bit. In a controlled voice, I asked back, 'oh, is this the way out?' He said that it's not the way out, he then showed me the main door, for exit. I said thank you and walked to the main door, smiling. Ahhh I should have gone through the door with him!! hahaha

And I went to the second gallery, taking photos of the beautiful displays. Then I saw him again, not so far away. My heart skipped a beat. I was actually thinking of saying hi, but of course it was all just thoughts inside my head. I didnt have the guts to do it for real. Worried of being late, I walked quickly and scanned the room, reading a bit here and there, and then went downstairs.

I didnt see my friends outside, so I walked around and take photos. When I went out, I saw him again!! What a coincidence! He looked like he's lost, because after he went to the right lane, he came back again to the museum entrance. I saw a map (like in the photo above) and went to it to take photo. When I was finding a perfect angle to capture the map, I felt him coming to me! I mean, to the map. The map. Maybe he is not from Liverpool? Is he really lost? Does he need any help? I am also a tourist, if I offer my help, what if I cannot help him? That would be embarassing! Thousands of thoughts running through my mind at that time.

Then I received WhatsApp msg from my friends saying that they already finished, and waiting for me at another place. So I thought, why not take a photo of him? I quickly snapped one and walked away. Yeah, I walked away. I should have said something to him, right? Like, asking him if he needs help or not. Or, or, if is he alright or not. Or maybe his name. No no not his name. Thats too much. I should have said something!

Oh well, at least I have a photo with him! Hahahaa

So that's the story behind it. Sweet sweet memory (>.<)

Now you stop playing around and get back to work!! Yeah, I need to continue working on my long overdue photobook. No more procrastination! Yeah GO GO!

Have a good dayy, people! :D


  1. Wow ! You must be very elated at that moment right ? Haha.. I have this kinda experience too.. Being 'addicted' at a stranger :D

  2. Hahaha I was! Addicted to strangers sound dangerous, Teena - dont make it a habit! LOL