Thursday, October 02, 2014


Do you get distracted easily? Do you have a short attention span? I do.

One time I was reading about differences between opiod and non-opiod drugs on internet. Opioids are centrally acting controlled drugs, can cause tolerance, dependence and addiction, side effects include sedation, repsiratory distrees, contipation, no anti-inflammatory effect, no ceiling effect. But non-opioids are peripherally acting not controlled drugs, non-habit forming, side effects include bleeding tendency, gastric irritation, renal toxicity, have anti-inflammatory effects and ceiling effect (they higher the dose you give, the more side effects you get). Source:

I hadnt even finished reading when I remembered about Tramadol. It's an opioid, right? So there I was, confirming that it is indeed centrally acting drug. Source :

How about Aspirin? Mefenamic acid? Celebrex? Then I Googled NSAIDS and read the classification on Wikipedia. Ahh I see. So Aspirin - Salicylates. Ibuprofen, Naproxen - Propionic acid. Diclofenac - Acetic acid. Meloxicam - Enolic acid. Mefenamic acid - Anthranilic acid. Celecoxib (Celebrex) - Selective COX-2 inhibitor. There you go. Source:

I felt bored. YouTube tab opened, listened to random songs that I can think of. Papinka's Hitungan Cinta, Daughtry's Waiting for Superman, Becky G's Shower, Amr Diab's Shoft El Ayam etc.

Ohhh. ERAS! Prof. Azmi stressed the importance of knowing about Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. What is it all about? I read a bit a few days ago, but I forgott =..=''.


After uploading the cropped photo into Surgery WhatsApp group, I remembered about the compilation book that I should pay attention to. And the Seminar on Urolithiasis with Mr.Nazli. I have to prepare slides on my part - Bladder stones. Beep Beep. Just got a message from Madiha, reminding me about CPC - Polytrauma with Dr.Zainal HOD ED HTAA. Need to discuss about the task division. I almost forgot about that.

Ahh so bored. *click on Paint*

11 o'clock. 

Please excuse me, I kinda have to go studying for real now.

See you next time! Bye! :)

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