Friday, October 31, 2014

Getting Older

My Mom had been talking about how we (my sister and I) should start looking for potential husband and get married. We are not getting any younger, my eldest sister will be 26 next year, and I'll be 25. My Mom had been asking me whether I know any Syed in my college, seniors or any friends. I told her many times before but she kept askingg. Even if I know one, I am not gonna tell her LOL

I don't mind marrying a non-Syed. As long as he's a good Muslim, I am fine with it. If some day I found a guy that I really really like, I will marry him no matter what his name is! Oh yeah wish me luck with that.

The topic came up a few times before, and my Mom gave hints as if telling me to talk to my sister to find a husband quick, and that I should do the same too. The problem is :

I don't really know how to 'find a husband'!

And I haven't found one that I like so far. Well, I like someone before, but I don't think my parents will approve of him, he is not very religious. Plus, he lives so far awayy. He has a girlfriend now so yeahh he's off-limits. And after him, I kinda like this one guy - but I don't think he's ready to settle down. He travels around the world and he has problems of his own. So there you go, two guys in my life that I can't really have. Pretty sad, huh?

I don't wanna settle down with just any guy - just because I am getting old so I have to get married. I have this silly thought that I cant get out of my head - the idea of a happily married life, with someone that I love, growing old together and have kids and...and I have noo idea why I am writing about this.

So, the conclusion is...wait, what the conclusion is?

Why can't I just wait here until my prince comes and marries me! What took him so long? I am here, come on alreadyy!

That sounds ridiculously....ridiculous, Nurul Ain. How do you expect to get a guy when you are not seriously looking for one, huh?

Noo I dont wanna 'seriously looking for one'!!

Yeah whatever. Then you can wait until you are 40 years old, and watch alll of your friends getting married and have kids.


Start what? LOL

Off to bed now. Goodnight people!

Oh yeah. And goodnight to you too, my prince - wherever you are. I'll be here waiting, don't lose your way okay.

Pfft. Such a dreamer.

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