Saturday, October 25, 2014

Movie Day!

These are the movies that I watched today, on Diva Universal, Channel 702. I do prefer to watch sad, romantic movies by myself - because I can cry as much as I want! LOL 

Here here:

1. Nearlyweds (2013) - IMDb rating 5.9

Starring : Danielle Panabaker, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Britt Irvin etc.

It is a story of three best friends who are just married (or nearly married!). They receive a letter saying that their marriage is not official, because the pastor had died before signing the required paperwork - so they have to go to the court to legalise their marriage. But the problem is, do they wanna get it done? One has problem with her unromantic, clueless husband and his ex-girlfriend. One with the impossible, hateful mother-in-law who lives together. And another one has to deal with a controlling husband who does things his way.

Ok. Questions to the guys. Let's say if you are married to a very lovely wife - will you accept your ex-girlfriend (of 3 years!) to become your personal secretary at work? Are you willing to spend hours with her, working at the office, rather than be with your wife at home? Do you dare to go to a romantic hotel, even if it's for work purpose - with your secretary, a very hot and sexy secretary? I cant believe that that guy in the movie thinks it is okay to do those things to his wife! And he actually thinks that his wife feels okay with all of it! Jeez.

2. Unconditional (2012) - IMDb rating 7.2

Starring : Michael Ealy, Lynn Collins etc.

I really like the setting of this movie, she lives in a farm house surrounded by a beautiful scenery! She has horses and chickens and other animals! And her hideout, the place where she always do her work (she draws!) is neat and awesome! This is a story of two main characters who are childhood friends. They grew apart, live their lives and meet again after 20 years. Its a sad, sad story! :'(

3. October Baby (2012) - IMDb rating 6.7

Starring : Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey, John Schneider etc.

Ok this one, is about a college freshman and her journey to find her true identity. She found out about her being an adopted child, that her biological mother wanted to abort her, that she was born as premature baby with a lot of health issues, about her twin brother, her biological mom who refuses to acknowledge her and a whole lot of other stories. It's a lot to take and she's a strong woman. I imagined being in her place, and I would do the same exact thing as she did - run away from home and go find the truth.

And....there's the handsome childhood friend. He already has a girlfriend, but he is always there when she needs him. I am so glad they are together in the end! I dont like his girlfriend, she is mean!

4. Forever Young (1992) - IMDb rating 6.2

Starring : Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Elijah Wood etc.

Well, this story doesnt seem logical to me. It's about a man who is freezed inside a machine for 50 years! Yes, I know. But, but - the idea of waiting for 50 years to say 'I love you, will you marry me?' to the person you really really love is really sweet!

Time waits for no man, but true love waits forever.


So...that's all folks! Enough stories for today!

Okayy, so what to do tonight? Read a novel? Watch TV? Or movies? Internet?

Oh boy, I sound like an anti-social. I should go out and hang out with friends or something. thank you. I'd rather sit at home and do stuff.

Well, what can I say, I am a boring person. Hahahha.

Youuu...go do whatever you want!! See ya!! :D

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