Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What Is She Like?

When I was in Manchester, my housemate told me that she once wondered what am I like. Since I am from International 'Islamic' University Malaysia, she was worried that I might be too 'extreme' and rigid about things. I just laughed. I told her that she doesnt have to worry, I am moderate.

When I was backpacking in Cambridge, I stayed in a female dorm. I met a lady (age around 50) from America. She was all alone because her husband went to Ireland to visit his relatives. She was about to go out to buy her dinner when I came into the room. We ended up talking for some time. She looked surprised when I took off my scarf in front of her. She even asked me if Malaysians are moderate Muslims or not. I giggled - because I could tell that she was choosing her words carefully to talk about Islam and Muslims. That's cute.

When I checked into a hostel in Bath, the receptionist offered me a discount for all meals in the pub. He also showed a discount coupon on beers/wine and told me I can use that - if I am looking to drink that night. I laughed and said, 'Oh no, I don't drink'. Then he quickly said, 'Yeah, I figured'. He looked embarassed. I smiled. Awkwaaard.

When I was in Edinburgh, Kak Sara asked me if I want to eat only in halal restaurants, or strictly Malaysian food. She was worried whether I am choosy about food. I told her that I can totally eat any vegetarian food from any restaurant.

When I was in Salford, Lamees (my good friend who's doing attachment at the same hospital) told me that her family and friends asked her, how can she trust a 'stranger' (that is me) and go travel together to Birmingham and Cardiff? She just met me for less than a week! What if I am a bad person? I laughed.

I always tiptoe when I take photo with tall people LOL
Meet Larissa, she is from Germany! I met her in Tartan Lodge, Glasgow.

Basic things that I think you should know about me:

1. I am easy to get along with, if I like you.
I do like to make new friends. I am open to meeting different people, but I am very selective when it comes to letting people into my circle. If I like you enough, you can have me do anything for you.

2. Introvert much?
Maybe. It is true that I don't like parties and hangouts and loud people, but I can totally go out and have fun if I want. IF I want. I like to read, listen to music and spend time with people that I love.

3. I believe in a lot of things.
I believe that if you do good to people, you will get good in return. I believe in heaven, rewards and punishments from God. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe in a lot more things.

4. You do yours, I do mine.
We all have our own ways of living life, so let's respect each other. Even if I dont agree to how you live yours, I dont think it's right to say anything about it. You make your own choices, and I make mine.

5. See this wall? It's there for a reason. 
I am not big on telling people that I have just met about my personal feelings. If I dont like something about you, I'd rather keep it to myself. Generally, I find it easier to write about feelings than to talk about it.

6. Mess with me - I will never forget. 
Oh yes, that is true people. Do what you wanna do to me, I will forgive you sooner or later. But to forget is a little bit harder. Don't worry, what I will do is just to keep my distance away from you. I am not gonna hunt you down, or make you pay - that's just not me. I'll let you settle with God.

So that is how I am like. Scared enough? 

You better! Hahaha.

Ohh its late. I am off now. Goodnightt! :D

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