Friday, November 14, 2014

A Cozy Night

Tonight's weather is cold, but nice. A good time to snuggle under the blanket, watching movies in your laptop. I'll do just that after this, hahaha. 

But before here, psychiatric drugs that are commonly used in HTAA. Our friend took these very helpful pictures and posted them in our whatsapp group:

Antipsychotics (typical, atypical)

Antidepressants (TCA, MAOI, SSRI, SNRI)
Antimanic drugs

And....six of us went for home visit. We went to Kampung Kurnia, Kampung Padang, and up to Gambang area to meet the patients. Basically, to give their monthly intravenous medication.

With one of the patients
They have a hyperactive cat =..=''

Last but not least, the very random doodle in this cold nighttt:

I wanna fly like a butterflyyy!

Now that the blog has been updated...time to be under the blankett!! Hehehehe

Night night you!! Have a good dayy!! :D

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