Wednesday, November 05, 2014

FYP Promotion

Finally, our Final Year Project's poster and banner are done! Putting together the beautiful background I searched randomly from internet, and Oh My English the result is....tah-daa!! :D


Basically, we are trying to help these high school students improving their English in a fun way - explorace! And there will be mural painting too! That...I can't waitt! :D 

This program will be held next week, Saturday 15/11/14. Our group, 26 of us, plus some Zenith members will conduct the event at SMK Al-Irsyad Balok.


My Dad asked me to help him make Power Point slides on Stress at Workplace for his presentation next week. I showed him what I did and he was really happy! :D

Now I can see a teeny tiny ray of hope for me to do Multimedia after this hahahaha

You....go do some work! Goodnightt! :D

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