Saturday, November 08, 2014

Of CorelDRAW 12

This morning, I attended this workshop: 

The poster 

Introduction by MC

YB Andansura

The teacher

Yesterday, when my Mom asked me whether I want to attend the course or not, honestly I was a bit reluctant. I do like graphic courses like this, I really do, and we only have to pay RM5 that's cheap - but I am not really into politics hahahhaha

I told my parents about it and here's what they said:
I love my parents they are cute! LOL

It was a good workshop though. I learned a lot from the instructor. CorelDRAW is better than Adobe Photoshop, and I like it. Even though I didnt stay for the evening session, I am glad that I attended it.

I would have stayed if the female participants (6 of them altogether) decided to stay. But they all went back home, some of them had to prepare lunch for family, some had work to do etc. I was not keen on being the only female in a room full of guys, so I went back home and took a nap instead. Haha

I told my Mom that I enjoyed learning the course, and she went like 'haa..tulahh, umi dah cakap..apa yang mak suruh tu dengar je..tadi cakap tak suka lah, kan sekarang suka..awak tau tak kita sebagai rakyat malaysia ni wajib mengundi, nanti Allah akan tanya awak mengundi siapa..etc.' I just laughed.

In the workshop, the instructor gave us free copy of the software. We learned how to make a poster:

Corel interface

It's quite easy to use. If you know how to use Adobe Photoshop, then you will have no problem in using CorelDRAW.

And now...I am going to do a bit of designing - and exploring my new software.

Youu have a good day!! :D

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