Sunday, November 16, 2014

Of Mural and Feast

Our Final Year Project aka Oh My English program had finally ended yesterday. It was a memorable experience...especially the mural part! Hehehehe

Committes prepared the required stuff for the event
Yess - this was before
Initially, we wanted to use a projector to project the mural image on the wall. But we forgot to take into account of the fact that it was morning time, and obviously the image will not form clearly on a bright day. So we decided to just paint by hand. We started at about 9.30am, and at 1.30pm, the work was finished.

Then my friends came over at my house for a feast! :D

Nasi tomato, Ayam masak merah, Kari kambingg - and muffins!
At about 5pm, I went to the mural again to do some touch-ups.

I brought Bibik and Adlin to help out hahaha
As it was starting to get dark, and raining again, we finished up real quick and then went back home. I resisted the urge to go back again and add some more flowers. Hahaha

Rain rain go away,
Come again another dayy
And the final result is....

It wasnt exactly the same image as I expected, but it was close enough. If I were to be strict, I would have asked them to paint the wall with the exact colour as the proposed design, and the pictures must be precise. But hey, I have learned how to compromise. I knoww I can be difficult to work with, and I am fussy about certain things. My bad! Hahahaha

Honestly, I don't like to see the slanting words down there (I painted that and I hate it). And the empty space below the words. And the arabic words (I drew that too, and I don't like it). I can totally do better than that!

It was really fun working together with my friends to finish the project. Yun the Mixer, Kerie the Artist, the tall guys Azam and Farabi, Masitah aka Sally, Irfan, Luqman, Farisham and others who helped us paint our project. A group of amateur painters ;D 

Colourful flowers
Love itt!! :D
Now you..have a good weekenddd!! :D


  1. I feel obligated to ask (and a few brothers will thank me for doing so):
    Where did you get those muffins? They were SO GOOD.

    1. Glad you guys like the muffins. My mom's friend baked those, they were home-made. She sells them for RM1 per cup.