Thursday, November 06, 2014

Photobook Malaysia

I love Photobook Malaysia. I really do. Their service is good and efficient. After I uploaded my order online (Fri 31/10), I received an email 4 days later (Tue 4/11) saying that my photobook has been shipped out. It reached Kuantan a day later. 

So...I only had to wait 5 days to get it - that is fast!

Since GD Express was not able to send the package to my house, so I went there to pick it up. It is located at Jalan Semambu, Kuantan. I used Google Map to find the location, but it led me to a wrong turn. I had to ask some people to know where exactly this building is: 

GD Express
Their contact number : 09-5689033



Open it Open ittt


Love it!

Every single page of it!

Okay okay posing!

One more One more!

Heeeee :)

96 pages altogether for RM 179.20 - after discount

I have written about how to order in this post. The website of Photobook Malaysia is here.

It feels good to finally see the result of your hard work. 

Now you have a book filled with photos and memories :)

Goodnight youu! And have a super duper nice dayy! :D

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