Sunday, November 30, 2014

Seoul Garden, Megamall Kuantan

Yesterday morning, Farah and I went to Teluk Cempedak to do some revision for our final pro exam that will be held next year. We started at 9.30am and finished at 1pm. 

We revised on O&G (pregnancy-induced hypertension, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, anemia in pregnancy) and Surgery (dysphagia, achalasia, GERD, esophageal cancer).

Usually we took turn to do study group in our house. It felt nice to have a change of environment.

Selfie before study lol

After zuhr, we went to mahallah to take Shuk out. Guess where were we going? 

To Seoul Garden!

We had our lunch there, and boy the food were yummyyy!!

Korean style

Ohh I am hungry alreadyy
Lamb was goodd!!

Full stomachh

Happy hour! :D

We spent more than an hour there. They had a lot of food - chickens, LAMB, beef, vegetables (pakchoy!), RICE, fishcakes, sushi, fruits and a variety of drinks.

A total of RM112.50 for 3 person

If you bring your student card, you will get a few ringgits discount.

1 Adult (Lunch + Drink) = RM 34.98
Student Card + free drink = RM 28.99

Thai Tom Yam Soup = RM 4
Taxes (10% service charge + gov tax) = RM 15.52

So...if you are a student, and you bring your student card and two other friends coming here, the total fee + taxes would be around RM 35.50 per person, for this all-you-can-eat buffet at Seoul Garden. 

You can stay as long as you want and eat as much food that you like - if you have enough room in your stomach! Hehehe

Ok back to the story. After lunch, we went shopping for my friend's blouse. In the evening at 530pm, we all went back home.

The End.

As for todayy, it's a stay-at-home day!! Yayy!! Hehehhe

Byebye youu! And have a good dayy!! :D


  1. Halal Jakim tak??

    1. Kalau tengok dalam Direktori Halal JAKIM (, Seoul Garden kat Kuantan takde halal JAKIM. Dekat Perai and Georgetown je yang ada.

      Sijil halal diorang daripada Islamic Food Research Centre (IFRC). Dalam website JAKIM, bahagian 'Senarai Badan Islam Yang Diiktiraf' (, tak jumpa pula logo IFRC tu.

  2. pasar malam x de halal jakim juga... cane ye?