Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bukit Panorama...Again.

This early morning, my sister, her friends and I went to Bukit Panorama. My third time, but it's their first. We departed from home at 530am. By 6.30am, we arrived at the mosque. After prayer, we started climbing.

If you want to use GPS to go there, search for Masjid Jamek Sungai Lembing. Bukit Panorama is just nearby, you can ask people around for the direction.

Sunrise! :O

Four of us

Posingg hehe 

One more one more

The sun is going up!

Wahhh so beautiful!

Enjoying the scenery

In memory

Sisterss :)  


Proper one.


Last picture on top of the hill

Come let's go backk

Hahahha nak jugakk

Walk walk

Almost there?

The journey.

We ate our breakfast at Medan Selera there. Mee Jawa and Laici Kang. We arrived home around 930am. I parked the car beside Adlin's little car. Here:

Adlin's Honda at the parking area LOL

Now I have to finish my work, because after this, at 140pm, Farah and I will go study at Coffee Library! Ops. The Library Coffee Bar!! :D

I am using my dad's laptop because I lost my mini notebook. And my Vaio laptop is being fixed. Luckily I saved all my work in my email.

Anywayy, you...have a good dayy!! :)


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