Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Late Night Videos

I am impressed with Blank Space. 7/11 is weird. Look at how he dances in Uptown Funk. No Type is so not my type of music. She is so sweet in Lips Are Moving. CoCo makes me speechless. Only has too many bad words, if only they can swear less. I cringe at Love Me Harder. Thinking Out Loud get me thinking of someone special. Women can fight in Black Widow. I can feel her pain in The Heart Wants What It Wants. Baby It's Cold Outside is cute cute cute! I like how he raps in Guts Over Fear, and it made me google Sia. I only watched half of L.A.Love. Apparently is apparently not my kind of song. Too many girls in Bang Bang. Hold You Down? - no thank you. He still got groove in New Flame. DnF is just ughh. Post To Be? - oh you mean Suppose To Be?

I'm Not The Only One breaks my heart. I Don't Mind - really? I - nope. Love 'Em All - nope. The Pinkprint Movie is too long. Please don't watch Body Language. I'm Not Gonna Miss You is sad. I have hard time understanding Perfect Imperfection. Who does not love Steal My Girl? I don't like Fireball, I Need War or Try Me. Burnin' It Down is sexy. Centuries MV match the song lyrics. Jealous is nothing interesting. Why do they sing about Touchin, Lovin anyway? Cool Kids is cool. Text Me Merry Christmas makes me go awww. Not my kind of song, Recognize. It looks fun dancing in Something In The Water.

Yonce, Sun Daze, Often, Ugly Boy, Baby Don't Lie, The Devil In I, Milk Marie - no no and no. This Is How We Do is very colourful. Heroes (we could be) is inspiring. Why is she dancing like that in Yellow Flicker Beat? These guys in The Trooper Overture are good! Talladega is not actually filmed in Talladega. I See You is cheesy. Telegraph Ave, Not For Long, Stand For - nope. Dirty Vibe is downright scary, even though G Dragon is in it. Till It's Gone is surprisingly good. I only watched a few seconds of Made Me and Drown

Open Wide is a no no. Girl In A Country Song makes me laugh. Spark The Fire has too much energy. Pole dancers are everywhere in She Knows. Don't **** with my love. It's a surprise to see GD and Taeyang's Good Boy in the chart. It's a no to Let Me Know, Beg For It and Or Nah. Pretend and Somewhere In My Car are okay. Right Back nope. The amazing dancer featured in Chandelier is Maddie Ziegler, an eleven-year-old girl. Blame is okay, Word Crimes is very educational you have to watch hahaha. Drinking Class is okay. Immortals is a song from Big Hero 6, the new Disney movie inspired by Marvel comic.

Faneto Prod is just weird. About The Money is all about money. Handsome and Wealthy, seriously? I Don't Get Tired is a no. I Hate To See Your Heart Break. Shut Up and Dance, Walk Thru, 2015 Flow, Maybe I Should Call....Wrong Side of Heaven is about US Veterans, a sad song I must say. I prefer Dirt than Haunted. What's with Sledgehammer? On The Steps Of The Palace is a soundtrack from Disney's Into The Woods. I Bet My Life is beautiful. Sick Like Me and What God Wants For Christmas

100 videos from YouTube's Popular Music Videos Playlist. Done and Done.

Here are my favourite ten:

1. Taylor Swift's Blank Space

2. Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud

3. Sam Smith's I'm Not The Only One

4. One Direction's Steal My Girl

5. SNC feat. Kristen Bell - Text Me Merry Christmas 

6. Yelawolf's Till It's Gone

7. Maddie & Tae - Girl In A Country Song

8. Weird Al Yankovic's Word Crimes

9. Paramore feat. Joy Williams - Hate To See Your Heart Break

10. Imagine Dragons's I Bet My Life

I am going to bed now. Goodnightt :)

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