Saturday, December 06, 2014

Photos of Trip to Hospital Permai, JB

Here here - Enjoyyy :D

The 5-hour-journey to JB
Killing the time by sleepingg lol

We stopped by AEON Angsana Mall for lunch and prayer

While waiting for the bus to come - wefies! :D

We reached Hospital Permai at 2pm and attended a lecture on 'Introduction to Forensic Psychiatry' and 'Psychiatry and Mental Disability Defense in Court'

In the seminar room, with Dr. Badi'ah Yahya - Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist
Do you know how many Consultant Forensic Psychiatrists are there in the whole Malaysia?

Photography session

Thenn.. we went to Danga Bay!!

Posing for photos

And more photos

And more :D

Nothing much in Danga Bay, lots and lots of SANDS.

After that, we went to hostel and went out for dinner nearby

The next day, we departed to the hospital at 7am

After breakfast at the hospital cafe, we attended lecture on 'Introduction to Community Psychiatry : The Hospital Permai Way' by Dr. Abdul Kadir Abu Bakar, Director of Hospital Permai

Group photo

After that, we walked around the hospital

Bro. Aidil explaining

Listening attentively :P

And stopping for photos once in a while ;)

We went to Acute/High Risk Ward - Balsam C as well as Job Employment Centre

And to their apartments - Olive D

Very nice environment

We went inside the room

Maximum security in Hawthorne Ward


By 2.30pm, we departed back home, after lunch and prayer at AEON Tebrau City.
We arrived in UIA at 715pm. Saw sunset on our way back :)

So...that's all folks!

Have a good dayyyy!! :D

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