Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Found Laptop

I have found my lost laptop! :D

I lost it about three weeks ago, on Friday, 5/12/14 to be exact. I remember because it was the day I presented case presentation on Bipolar Disorder, and later in the evening, a seminar on Dissociative Disorder. When I got home later, I couldnt find my laptop. I forgot where I left it!

I checked musolla KOM, Bilik Mutiara HTAA, Lecture Hall IMC but nothing to be found. Someone must have already took it. Or worse, someone broke into my car and stole the laptop when I went to Megamall in the afternoon.

I was in the last stage of grief already. If my laptop is meant to be lost and I don't get it back, then I accept it. It's my fault, anyway. Serves me right. 

And then...last week, Saturday - my friend saw this note posted at the notice board in the musolla!

Laptop Acer! Silver! That sounds like mine!

First I called the number, unanswered. Then I texted. I got her reply few hours later, probably because she was busy. When she asked who am I, I told her that I am Sis Ain, 5th year medic. I read the text later and thought, Oh wow I am already in my last year of studies! Cant wait to graduate! That will only happen if you pass all the postings Nurul Ain! Its still a long way to go! EIGHT MORE MONTHS!! 

Oh anyway, I got my laptop this evening because she just came back from her grandmother's house today. I met her in her room. She's a sweet girl, smiling and friendly. A first year medical student, Khalilah is her name. I felt like hugging her when I saw her taking my laptop out from her locker - but I didnt do it of course. I barely know her, that would have been awkward. Just a handshake will do. Maybe I squeezed her hand too hard? Ah what the heck, I was so happy to see my laptop! I thanked her many times and gave her a packet of snacks. Later she asked me to pray for her success. And I said I will.

I am glad she kept my laptop safe. I pray that some day, if she loses her things, there will be people who help her like she did to me. I pray that she will be a successful Muslim doctor who serves our community well. 

It feels nice to know that kindness still exists. If all of us are kind to each other, then there will be no more news on violence, fights, shootings and killings, abuse, rape and all things bad. We will all live in peace and harmony. Why can't we have that?

I am never going to lose you again!

It's amazing how we deal with unpleasant experiences. We tell ourselves that we are not going to repeat the same mistake. When a similar situation happens, we keep reminding ourselves that, I have had this before, and I intend not to do it again. As we grow older, the more mistakes we make, the more things we learn, the wiser we become.

Maybe the best thing is to move on, Selena?

Now if you excuse me, I have to continue my revision. Tomorrow's the last day of exam!! Wish me luck!


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