Monday, January 12, 2015

KL Trip

Last Saturday, I went to KL. We went to Batu Caves, Central Market and KLCC.

Amazingg! There are 272 steps going up!

My parents (read:my Mom) found my eldest sister a potential husband. They were given a month to contact each other, and decide if they want a serious relationship. That guy is a Syed - and his age is 30 something. My sister is 26.

A part of me hopes that they will hit it off and get married. Another small part of me wishes that they do not get married too soon, because if they do - I am the one next to be married off!! Ahhhh

Love comes and goes, someone said.

I disagree.

True love comes and STAYS.


  1. We? But there's only you in the photo. What about the rest? *wink*wink*

    1. Hahahaha. I didnt go alone, obviously.