Sunday, February 01, 2015

Best Pathology Website

Remember the two types of calcification that we learned in pathology class years ago? Dystrophic and Metastatic? The differences between those two?

This is my favourite website to understand about pathology stuff. The articles were written by Kristine Krafts (MD), Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology in University of Minnesota School of Medicine.

Causes of metastatic (ectopic) calcification? Remember PARATHORMONE!
(taken from Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine 8th Edition page 690) 

Parathormone (high PTH)
Renal failure
Addison's disease
TB nodes, Toxoplasmosis
Overdose of vitamin D
Raynaud's associated disease eg. SLE
Muscle primaries/leiomyosarcomas
Osteosarcoma or ovarian mets to peritoneum
Endocrine tumors eg. gastrinoma

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