Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bye Bye Internal Medicine!

So our exam had finished yesterday. Hopefully all of us will pass!

I think I am doing okay in clinical. I am not really satisfied with my theory papers though.

Especially PMPs.

The questions were on:
1. Transformation of Myelodysplastic Syndrome into Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
2. Cerebral Toxoplasmosis

Explain your treatment plan for this patient - I still remember that question.

I just read about toxoplasmosis hours before exam and yet - my brain was struggling to remember the drugs used to treat it. Arghhhhh.

I'll elaborate more on the questions in my next post. 

Our happy face after finishing clinical exam yesterday evening. Dr. Che' Rosli commented on how poor our knowledge is theory-wise. He said our short case examination was good, but we need to read more on medicine.

Like for example, my friend yesterday was asked to draw Circle of Willis.

That Circle of Willis - the arteries in the brain, in case you forgot :P

I only remembered a small part of it - ACA, MCA, PCA, communicating arteries, vertebral arteries, cerebellar arteries.... wait wait I'll find the diagram 

Taken from this website

Anyway... internal medicine aside.... we still have two more postings left! Go Go!

Internal medicine is my second favourite posting - right after Psychiatry hehe

Bye bye medical, till I see you next time!

Helloooo......babieesss!! :D

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