Saturday, May 09, 2015

Bye Bye Paediatric!

We had a birthday party for our lecturers during the posting, here are a few pictures:

The setting

Catering people came to set things up

Dr. Mohammad

Dr. Aye Aye, Maryam and Dr. Mai

Speech by birthday boy and girls ;)

Cakes! :D

The candles!


Time to eattt

Birthday card for doctors

Love this photo! :D

The cards

Group photo!

One more!

The food was good and the party was a success! 

Few more random photos:

After long case presentation with Dr. Mohammad

Half of us with neonatologist Dr. Mohd Hanifah

The other half of us

Babysitting ;)

End of Paediatric now... one more posting to go before the final exam!

Let's go! 

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