Friday, May 29, 2015

Of the Results

Quick update.

1. Currently I am at the end of Week 3 in Obstetrics and Gynaecology posting. 3 more weeks to go, then one week of revision, and then exam week! Go Go!

2. I just realised that I havent posted my result in Internal Medicine yet.

It's sad to see how little mark I scored in MCQ =..=''

3. Last posting result - Paediatrics.

Slightly higher mark in MCQ. I think I didnt score a lot in PMP

4. Two sets of PMPs in end posting paediatric examination were about "Cardiogenic Shock secondary to Acute Rheumatic Fever / Rheumatic Heart Disease" and "Anaphylactic Shock secondary to Insect Bite".

For Long Case with Dr. Mohammad Nasser, I got a case of "Breakthrough Seizure" in a 10-year-old Malay girl. He listened to my presentation from history, physical examination, case summary, investigations and management. One of the questions asked was "What are the issues in this patient?". My patient's major issue was non-compliant to antiepileptic medications. She had been hospitalised frequently for the same complaint. Apart from that, she also had underlying bronchial asthma. I think, her parents being busy working all day might contribute to her compliance issue.

For Short Case, Dr. Chan gave me a case of "Nephrotic Syndrome". A boy with facial puffiness and bilateral pedal edema. She asked about differential diagnosis and investigations. 

You think Paediatrics is easy posting, but I doubt that. It's quite tough.

5. Preparing for SPA interview next week on 2nd June. All documents must be certified. Bring certificates. Read a bit on SPA and latest issues. 

Partial Academic Transcript

CFS Academic Transcript
C+ in Chemistry lol. I dont like neither Physics nor Chemistry.
Biology is cool.

6. If only you knew, what my heart goes through for you, I'm trying to break through, don't you think it's worth the chance? Let's leave the past, is that too much to ask?

And where do we stand? Can we pull through this avalanche?

7. Sunday oncall!! Ahhhh. Please be hardworking Nurul Ain study study exam is coming soon just 62 days to go for professional exam DONT BE LAZY study smart ok!

8. 22 days to Ramadhan! Cepat ganti puasa! Lol

9. Nothing else to say.

10. BYE!  


  1. HI i found ur blog while searching for kemaman hospital and u mentioned that ur sis is doing housemanship there. i'm a year4 medical student who's going to hv my posting there. however, we dont know anyone there and it has been hard for us to look for accommodation. would u like to give me some suggestions pls? rili need help TTTT

    1. Hi yuri min, I am not sure about accomodations there, my sister is living in a rented house with her friends. Drop me an email at, I'll give you my sister's contact number for you to ask further details.