Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Singapore Part 3 : Chinatown

We took MRT to Chinatown, just to have a look around. There are mosque, Hindu temple and Buddha temple in this area - so it is indeed interesting.

The map will lead you where to go

Random shot

So this is Mosque Street.... we are near..

Walk walk walk

So we found the mosque - and a halal restaurant just beside it!

We stopped by for lunch - SGD 6.50 for that meal

Authentic Indian cuisine ;)

After that, we went for prayer in Jamae Mosque

Or known as The Green Mosque, established in 1826

After changing to a new shirt, we walked to the market!

And go look for souvenirs!

Pagoda street

Nope we didnt watch the performance

Just walking and window-shopping lol

These chopsticks were sooo cute look at those omaigod omaigod


Two dollar shop wehh
SGD 2 x 2.7 = RM 5.40
More like kedai RM 5 lol

Tengah tengah jalan pun nak bergambar lol

Ok so what's this?

Sri Mariamman Temple

We didnt go inside, so many people

Now we are at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Nice architecture


Farah didnt wanna go inside lol

Cool guy

Ohh the famous one dollar ice cream!

1.20 dollar to be exact lol
Depends if you want the ice cream in bread, or wafer
Yam is yummehh! Farah likes durian flavour.

Let's get back home nowww

Ok next!

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