Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Singapore Part 4 : Singapore Botanic Gardens

Now we take the Orange Line aka Circle Line. Singapore is very efficient, the MRT can basically take you anwhere in the city! I like that.

Lots of pictures ahead, you better have a fast internet connection!

So this is their MRT and LRT System Map
Image taken from here

Let's go to Singapore Botanic Gardens! We started from MRT station and ended up at Tanglin Gate.
Image taken from here

Orange Line

Excited face

High escalators

We are here!

I told Farah that this sculpture is an art. She didnt get it lol

Beautiful lake!

DiGi yellow men?

Flowers ;)

Solace Garden?

Red Brick Path


Pandanus aka daun pandan laaa

Sweet smell

Pose pose pose

Lots of garden there, but we didnt explore all

Small fountain

In between trees

Flowers yeaa we know thatt

Reading map, eh? ;)

The shop!

Expensive much?

So prettyyyy

Ohmyyy look at thattt they are sooo cute and nice and...wahhhh

Just look at those!


If these were cheap, I would have bought a lot!

Ahhhh hanya mampu memandang sahaja

We bought a one-dollar paper bag and got the beautiful flowery plastic bag yay!

Let's walk some more

Open stage

Awwwww ;)

So tall!

Rest a bitt

Clock tower

Orchid Garden!

Orchid is their national flower

Orchids everywhere

Cactus garden


Pretty pathway

Flowers Flowers Flowers

At Tanglin Gate! End of journey!

One of my favourite places!

Walking to the bus stop

Gleneagles Singapore

Can't get enough of the ice cream! I don't like Peppermint, but the Raspberry is yummy!
Farah was telling me stories but I was too busy taking photos lol

Ahhh now I want ice-creammm!

Till next post! Byee

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