Saturday, May 16, 2015

Singapore Part 6 : Little India, Bugis Street, Arab Street, Haji Lane, Sultan Mosque, Bussorah Street

Now let's visit a few other places and streets!


The streets here have a different vibe compared to Chinatown streets.

Multiracial Singapore

Busy MRT 

Oh wow

Serangoon Road, Little India

Tadaa here we are


Walk walk walk

There was some kind of celebration when we went there

That's why many people on the road

Masjid Angulia - we didnt go inside

Serangoon Plaza

Exploring Mustafa Centre, looking for souvenirs but didnt found any

Its like Mydin, where you can buy almost anything inside

Walking again 

LOL Farah was tired of walking :P

We walked from Little India MRT station until Farrer Park!

Exhausted haha


We went here mainly for souvenir shopping, but we found that they are much cheaper in Chinatown and in Bussorah street.

The famous Bugis street

Across the street

Oh yeaa lots and lots of people!

This street is near to MRT Bugis and also our hostel


The famous street of many cafes and restaurants.

Skater boys ;)

One of the halal restaurants that we didnt have time to dine in


The lane of fashionistas. We went here at night, so most of the small shops were closed. What's left were clubs and cafes.

Come along


One of the cool boutiques


Nak jugakkk hahaha

Love those pillows ;)

The lane


Artsy drawings on the wall


This is where we prayed, just a few steps away from our hostel. There isnt enough space to pray inside our 14-beds dormitory, so we had to go out and pray here. It was under renovation when we went there, not sure when it will finish. The mosque is closed at 10pm. 

The sign in front of the mosque
Kampong Glam Heritage Trail

The mosque

View from outside

The other side 

Description of the mosque

The entrance from inside

Muslimah prayer area, downstairs or upstairs


The beautiful interior


This place is very lively at night, all kind of people come here and hang out, having late-dinner, smoking shisha etc etc

This is the street where our hostel was located

If you come here, go to this cafe! WAJIB!
Kampong Glam Cafe, where you can have delicious and cheap food!
The tasty Mee Siam cost me less than 5 dollars!

And there's another small shop here, where you can have delicious Nasi Daging!
The owner is the pakcik in white kopiah and white shirt, he's from Malaysia btw :)

The shop is in the corner, just opposite Kampong Glam Cafe

Really delicious rice, the price was less than 3 dollars if I am not mistaken

A few turkish restaurants on the street

Baklava, someone's favourite dessert ;)

Our street

Hanging out outside our hostel

Lepak lepak

Borak borak

There's this one time where we were still outside even at 1 am

The very late dinner to soothe a troubled heart ;) 

So... that's all for now, I'll post more pics in my next post!


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