Sunday, May 17, 2015

Singapore Part 7 : Changi Airport

Since we came to Singapore by bus, we wanted to visit their airport. I would love to say KLIA is better than Changi Airport, but well..... lol

Ready to go?

Oh yeaaahhh

Even in train you want to snap photo, ah?


Ok now change train

We are here!

Who wants to visit an airport btw?

We did! LOL


Ok this is COOL! KLIA why you no have these!

Malaysia Malaysia Malaysiaa! Saya orang Malaysia jugaa!

Rebel lol


Together gether


You can take MRT to city centre
Just like KLIA Ekspress/Transit to go to our beloved city centre

Walk walk

This is another terminal

They have 4 terminals - we had been to Terminal 1 and 2

Kinetic Rain - the world's largest kinetic sculpture in Terminal 1

Ok end of visit
Farah feeling blues ;)

Take a bus and off to...... where?

To be continued....

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