Monday, May 18, 2015

Singapore Part 8 : Clifford Centre, Merlion

The climax of our visit : we went to see Merlion! It's easy if you wanna go here, just take MRT to Raffles Place station. First question : Where are we gonna have lunch? 

After much Googling - we found the place. 

To Clifford Centre!

You can either have Nasi Padang...

...or the Japanese cuisine... or the Korean cuisine.. 

They are all halal, dont worry
See the halal certificate?

This Japanese set cost me 4.90 dollar

Farah and her coffee againn lol

And then we went to pray, at Level 5 Clifford Centre.
A carpark area, there is a small place allocated for prayer.
You have to take ablution in the toilet though since the ablution place is open.
This is a secluded corner, dont go here alone ok

Now lets walk to the lionnnn

Before lion, we saw Marina Bay Sands and the museum first

Nice walking area 

Photo photo

Catch itt

Look at thattt!


Beautiful scenery!

Now lets walk to the lionnn

Walk walk walkk


Are we there yet?

Wait wait one pic first hehe

Ok continue!

Come on come onn

LOL pic againn

Go go!

Thats Merlion!!! Nice one, Farah lol



Out of the frame LOL

Promoting Merlion

Selfie much lol

Ok ok enough girls lol

Last one last one

Ok we are going back noww

Just a little while please... lol

We saw this couple on our way back..
Matching outfits how cool is thattt ;)

I'll tell you about the hostel where we stayed in - in my next post!

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