Monday, July 27, 2015

Open House Invitation Card

Spent a few hours making this piece:

Deleted address to prevent unwanted guests coming over lol

I was thinking of making it ala postcard, so there's the stamp and all the extra stuff. I suggested my dad to print some of these on thicker papers to give out to his close friends. 

I am only 80% satisfied with this design. A lot more can be improved. Like the senget benget tulisan Kuantan on the stamp, the unaligned 12tghri with Ahad, the unedited photo...etc etc etc.

Anyway, I definitely can do better if I were given more time. The problem is, I need to study as well lol How would it feel like to be a graphic designer? It must be funn

Awwwww :')
Nothing's gonna change my love for youu

Ok ok time's up! Go study now!


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