Sunday, August 09, 2015

Annual Grand Dinner Batch 14 MBBS Part 1

We had our dinner at Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort, Teluk Cempedak. These photos are from my collection, and from my friend Shukriah. Enjoy!

The hall

Poor lighting lol

It's startingg

Our table

The meal

We had three performances that night. First was from first year students playing guitar and singing. The other two were from our batch mates.

Ainun and her husband performed on stage

Sofiya and her excellent lung capacity

We had lucky draw, awards presentation for the lecturers and students. Here they are:


Medical : Syazwani Nazri
Paediatrics : Maliya Souefiya
Orthopaedic : Maryam Sakinah
Psychiatry : Siti Aisyah Idris
Obstetrics and Gynaecology AND Surgery : Faqih
Specialised Posting : Nur Hanani
Family Medicine : Siti Aisyah Idris
Community Medicine : Amalina Zaharani
Basic Medical Sciences : Nur Hanani

Elective Posting
1. Range of Motion in Prayers supervised by Mr. Ariff : Afiq, Hafiz Johari, Ali Sajjad
2. Depression among Transexuals : Rafeq, Masitah Salihah, Nurul Izzah


1. Most Time Generous : Prof. Kamarul (Ortho) & Dr. Mai (Paeds)
2. Most Inspiring : Prof. How (IM) & Prof. Hamizah (OnG)
3. Most Sporting : Mr. Fadzli (Ortho) & Dr. Najwa (Psychi)
4. Most Happy-Go-Lucky : Dr. Emad Nafie (BMS) & Dr. Faiza (FamMed)
5. Most Young at Heart : Prof. Nasa (BMS) & Dr. Aye Aye (Paeds)
6. Best Sense of Humour : Dr. Samsul (FamMed) & Dr. Salmi (OnG)
7. Most Charismatic : Prof. Khairidzan (Ophthal) & Prof. Azian (Radio)
8. Most Popular Lovebirds : Mr. Ariff (Ortho) & Dr. Mai (Paeds)
9. Most Fatherly : Prof. Ariff (Anaes)
10. Most Motherly : Prof. Naznin (BMS)
11. Best Dressed Award : Prof. Shahrin (IM) & Dr. Najwa (Psychi)
With the Most Popular Lovebirds

With our 'Father'

With the Most Sporting doctor

Dr. Mai :D

At 11pm when all lecturers went home, we had our own awards presentation ceremony

King and Queen of the Night

Random Photos

Another one

Last one

All in all, it was a memorable night. The event ran smoothly, the food were tasty and the committees were good. They took lots of pictures, that's the most important thing lol.

Anyway... tomorrow morning is Oath Taking Ceremony aka Mini-Graduation!!! :D

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