Thursday, August 06, 2015

Dr. Nurul Ain! :D

I PASS my final professional exam, alhamdulillah!

The result was announced by our beloved Prof. Shahrin, Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs this afternoon in Lecture Hall 3, JHC. He announced our name one by one in front of students and lecturers. Those whose name was not mentioned, that means he/she did not pass the exam.

Kak Aishah Najihah almost got a distinction though. I heard it's only one mark more to PASS/D! Still so proud of her. And my best friend Shukriah is listed among the Top 10! I knew she could do it well :) My best friends 'Ayunni, Farah, Wani all pass alhamdulillahh

Prof. Shahrin announcing the result

I only managed to record for a few seconds because my camera's memory card was full GRRR.

Batch 14 MBBS consists of 126 students. One student had failed 2 postings, so she could not sit for final exam. Out of 125 students sat for the exam, 109 passed. 13 went for re-examination and 10 passed. That makes a total of 119 students who passed the exam. The other 6 students have to repeat 6 months and sit for pro exam again next year :(

In summary, 3 students clear fail in theory, and the other 3 students fail in clinical, after re-examination. 6 students repeat 6 months, 1 student repeat 1 year. Hope they can be strong and not giving up. I believe they all can pass in the end. Inshaallah.

Dr. Ain and Dr. Farah :)

Five years of studies in a bookshelf

Waahh Nurul Ainn, 2 years of foundation + 5 years of degree finally you are a doctor! FINALLY!!

A gift for my parents :)

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