Sunday, August 30, 2015

I am Baaack!! :D

1. I am done lazing around! Tomorrow is a good day to start doing some work!

2. Need to finish two sets of Photobook : one for Jehan's Korea trip and another one for my New York trip wehoooo! 

3. Ok ok calm down. I uploaded photos to dropbox and suddenly got an Error 500! GRRR. Whyy dropbox whyyy don't make my life difficult pleaseee

4. Will write about my NYC trip later.

5. Random YouTube video for tonightt :

6. Random photo ;)

Heya Ed! Long time no see!

7. Not so random Quote of The Day

Keep going keep goingg

8. This is hilarious! And amazingly accurate LOL

Can I get into your Nothing Box and put some flowers in it? LOL

9. Happy 58th Independence Day Malaysiaaa!! Semoga menjadi lebih 'Bersih' pada masa akan datangg ;)

10. Goodnight!!

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