Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New York Part 14 : Wall Street Tour

Oh yes we went straight to our next tour in the famous Wall Street, people!

As usual, early reservations made

Meeting point

55 Wall Street

Other tourists with us

Off we go!

Trump for President eh? Lol

Tiffany & Co

What building is this?

New York Stock Exchange!

The Statue

Let's walk some more

Which street to go?

Expensive hangout - Belmonico's

India House

Street walks


Mr. Randy explainin'

Mr. Randy waittt!

Okay  let's go there

What's behind you?

The famous bull

What is thatt

Line upp!


Alexander Hamilton

In the center of tall buildings

American Stock Exchange

Tall tall tall

One World Trade Center

Ground Zero

World Trade Center site - end our tour here!

9/11 Tribute Center

Next destination : Masjid Manhattan!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New York Part 13 : SoHo, Litte Italy, Chinatown Walking Tour

This was the longest walking tour we had - almost 2 hours of walkingg 

Reservations made earlier

Off we go!

We met our tour guide with other tourists and started the walking tour

SoHo is short for South Houston


This is our sporty tour guide :)
I think her name is Allie (not sure about the spelling though)

Cheerful mood

Standing tall 

Yes I will! LOL 

Broome Street

Now to Little Italy!

Smile to the cameraaa :D


Stopped by for a break...

...and taking photos haha


We tried the original and chocolate ones they were okayy

Peace :D


Now Chinatown!

Local delicacies

Older generations

Next stop : Fried Dumplings

They were cheap and delicious, according to our tour guide

We didnt buy though

End of tour here in Columbus Park!


We gave her a postcard from Malaysiaa! Thank youu for the tour :D

Now let's figure out how to get to next destination

Passing by City Hall on our way to the subway

Yeahhh off to the next tour!

More walking tour???!