Saturday, September 19, 2015

New York Part 3 : Hey New York!

We arrived in New York at around 6 pm, much earlier than expected. It took us two hours to get through customs and immigration because of the long lines!  

After Julia got her simcard, she called the car service. Luqman called Steven.

Then we went out of the terminal

We met Steven at Starbucks nearby and he brought us to his apartment

Cozy space. The sofa was Luqman's spot lol

Kitchen kitchen! :D

Let's get into the bedroom

Julia and I slept in this bedroom


And this is Steven! :D
He has a degree in science! Cool guy!

We called it a night and looking forward to exploring New York the next day!

After we left New York, reviews were written. Here, this is what he wrote about us:

My airbnb profile

And this is my review of his lovely apartment:

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