Sunday, September 20, 2015

New York Part 4 : Empire State Building and NY Skyride

Our first day of adventure! We bought 7-day subway pass and went to....

The Empire State Building!!

Long line by 8am
Going up to 86th Floor Observatory

The viewww wahhh
Credit to Luqman/Julia for this beautiful panorama



Statue of Liberty far far away

Wefie first ;) 

Ok continue.
Cool garden on the rooftop!

Tall buildings there, thats Financial District where Wall Street is

Organised city

Flatiron building

I was here!

We were here! 

Official group photo
They used green screen. Look at my see-through shirt LOL
Ignore my oily face =..=''

Bought some souvenirs

Times four our ringgit lah

Then we went to NY Skyride inside the same building
It's free with New York Pass
Cool ride btw

While waiting outside

After the ride

Now off to the next destination!

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